We have the experience and organization to keep your rentals up and running. Read the frequently asked questions about the services we provide.

  • How do I get started?
    If you’re interested in leasing your property as a short-term rental, then please reach out! We are happy to get you started on the journey to passive income. All our consultations are free and all we need from you is your property’s address and some basic information to get started with the process!
  • How much do you think my house can make per year?
    After your initial consultation, we do a property report that gives a yearly revenue estimate on your property’s potential earnings on short-term rental sites like Airbnb. The four most important factors that determine how much income you can make are where the property is located, how frequently the property is available to rent, the interior decor of the home, and the services provided. All of these factors are taken into account when computing monthly and yearly profits. Profits are not guaranteed and can vary from month to month but most of our clients always hit or exceed the yearly profits we estimated!
  • What is dynamic pricing?
    We use dynamic pricing on all our short-term rental platforms to maximize revenue. What this simply means is that pricing is regularly changed to follow current fluctuations in the market. The most common changes in the market are supply and demand. When there’s a high demand in the local market, we increase the rental price. When there’s a high supply in the local market of short-term property rentals and low demand, we decrease the rental price to assure the property is still generating profit rather than remaining vacant. These changes are often affected by the seasons, events in the area, or a vast variety of other factors. Therefore, we use special market software to stay on top of these market changes. On average dynamic pricing generates 10% to 50% more revenue than following a static pricing model.
  • What is self-check-in and unique access?
    Before listing a property on a short-term rental site, we set up your property with a keyless entry system that makes check-in easy for your guests. Upon booking, they are given a one-time access code that allows them to self-check-in on their date of arrival. After every guest checks out, we change the code to enhance the property’s security and the security of future guests.
  • Do you service states other than Colorado?
    We work across the United States! We have systems implemented that allow us to service in other states just as efficiently as we do in Colorado.
  • My house is unfurnished, do I need to buy furniture? Will you guide me?
    Your house needs to be furnished when being listed on a short-term rental site. But don’t worry, we offer guidance throughout the whole process. We work with designers to guarantee your property looks homey before it’s listed on a short term rental site. This service is free of charge!
  • Why use Limitless Vacation Rentals?
    Besides excellent customer service and guidance throughout every step of the process, the profiles we make for your short term rental sites like Airbnb are yours to keep even if you decide to no longer work with us in the future. No other property management services offer this, they make the profile and have 100% ownership over it.
  • Can I still use my home?
    Of course! Before we place your property on a listing site like Airbnb, we block out the days or holidays you’ll be using your home. And if you ever need your home on short notice, we can block those days as well, if they are still available.

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